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Yet Another New Speedrun

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by EthanWolfcat, Aug 2, 2016.

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    The speedrun you are about to see has been played on a glichfest of a"So bad I can't look away" game and may cause permanent damage and/or destroy your brain cells. Viewer's discretion is advised. ;)

    Game: Zombeer
    Engine: Unity Engine
    Mode: Single Player
    Timing Rule: Starts once you gain control after intro. Stops on the "To be continued? / Credit" screen.

    Run total time: 26:53.599

    Run Info: There a whole lot of place for improvement. I learn a few things during this run and it will allow me to get a better time. There is a lot of places where you have to kill to prevent being stuck. For example the Mario blocks in the elevator. If you don't kill all the zombies, there is a very high chance of getting stuck and killed.

    In this game, when you reach a checkpoint, the game sort of freeze during save time. To my knowledge there is no way of turning auto-save off. During freezing your character can still move as well your camera. This bug can make the runner lose time or even do a full reset.

    On this, Enjoy! :)


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