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Wonderful job! (potential for spoilers)

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Skyshatter, May 22, 2015.

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    I enjoyed the paths immensely. Was interesting to see how they each fleshed out and made me slightly sad when each ended where I wondered how things went and wanted to see how their path fully ended depending on your choices if you helped them get their life in order or potentially ruined if you make the wrong choices. Or maybe I just read into things too much.

    *spoiler potential move on if you haven't finished*

    Comments (opinions) on various paths:

    *last chance run away now because I don't wanna hear any complaints about spoiling the storylines*

    *I warned you!*

    Coby: I know he's not meant to be a path, but in a way I kind of wish he was since he's grown on me from what we see of his personality at the beginning is he's a flirtatious guy that while he's in an open relationship seems to be looking for another alternative to fill the void in the mean time til his boyfriend and him can get together. I kind of wish it could be fully explored more than just the single sex scene into almost a full path after the others are done to get fully into his head and perhaps see interactions with him and his boyfriend.

    Jax: He grew on me from the first date after the club where you (as the character) are unsure of what you are doing and constantly wondering if you are pushing him too fast. It resonated a feeling that as you find out more about him that you want to show him not all things have to turn out like they did with his old flame. Seeing his mask fall and showing the emotionally vulnerable state he truly he in when things went spiraling out of control also makes me want to know if things got patched up with his job or if he was forced to truly move on from a job he loved to find something else.

    Seth: He was cute where our first glimpses of him just seem to be almost drifting with no real goal like a feather in the wind until you force him to finally try to chase his dream. Finding later his past rejection of his first crush almost makes me wonder if his aloofness with his writing was how he was trying to immerse himself with no end game in mind due to a potential fear of rejection til you help him redirect him toward a goal. Also felt his path kind of just cut off right before the climatic conclusion as well so while we know he is on his way toward making his dream a reality it also creates the question if they were able to work past the difficulties to make the relationship a real one or had to break it off due to complications that his new work would create.
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    So far its great

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