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Wish: More of Jax!

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by You, Mar 6, 2016.

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    After just stumbling into this game, i have fell in love with it as everyone else did! Its probably the BEST Furry dating simulator ive ever played. I went the Jax route of course cause he just seemed so interesting, and boy was i not disappointed. Ive always been a fan of Character stories, rather than just jumping straight to the Woopie. I loved how you gave Jax a personality, a backstory, and an attitude. That why i fell in love with him so much.
    Ive heard that the game is up and running again and a new update will be coming out soon, and all i wish and hope for is more Jax. All i could ask for is more to him, maybe more dates, more events with him, just more between him and my character. I actually found myself worrying about how much longer i had in the game in terms of length, I just didnt want it to End!
    In short, i hope in the new update (for how ever as long as it takes) there is more of Jax. I really REALLY wish for more of him soon! Thanks!
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    Wish: More of Jax and Seth.
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