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Wish: More diversity in the sex animations

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by FurLovingDragon, May 18, 2017.

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    I wish that this game has some more diversity into the animations when it gets to sex. Just to make it clear from the start: There's a LOT of recycling from stuff that's already in the game – so much that there couldn't be the need for many new pieces to be drawn.

    Like I mentioned before, it has something to do with the sex animations. There's already one in the game for all the datable characters, but I thought about a second one that's only available when giving him/her (the sole herm character as well!) a booty call. It works like this: When you're at home, you have the choice to give them a booty call. This only works when the date is finished.
    Here's the first part of all that set to come in: When choosing the booty call, you can decide who is the leader and who follows. There's more: You can still say that your partner shall be the one to determine that. And – obviously – you can always back out of that. These four options are set to be displayed after choosing the booty call option when calling him/her. That means: Before the final animation is played, there's the need to add this question before it.
    In short: There's gonna be an additional animation for each datable character, which is only available when you had your “first time” with him/her. Also, these new animations don't replace the already-existing ones, they're added.

    The animations itself recycle much of the stuff that's already in the game. Let's take Coby and the player, for example: For the avian, who's the players brother, there's already a view for what he looks like when you can see his backside. If we take this position, make him stand on all fours and put the player character underneath him (the recycling option here could be the backside view from the animation with Mercy) and the animating shouldn't be that much of a problem. The sound design shouldn't be a problem as well, since there can be recycled sound effects which are already in the game as well. More dialogue lines aren't needed. Also, there's the possibilty to expand this further with more options: For example, the players can switch between all the available animations with the selected partner freely.

    Then we have the Pro's (+) and Con's (-) for this:

    • More diversity in the animations
    • The dates look more rewarding
    • Could have little to no need for the creation of new assets
    • Saves some money
    • Reuses a lot of already-existing assets and sound effects, but in different styles
    • Fund needed can be kept small
    • No complicated dialogue writing, since that isn't needed
    • If altered appropiately, this scheme of choices can be used on multiple projects (upcoming included)
    • Could have unseen/unwanted surprises (e. g. needing to create a lot of new assets)
    • High risk of bugs showing
    • Possibility that it takes a lot of time at the start
    I would recommend doing a test with 1 or 2 characters before making this an official update, since there's always the risk of bugs in that system. Also, it goes better when this is splitted up into multiple updates, 'cause this helps to neutralize all the bugs that can show up.

    So - it went longer than I planned to, but now we're free to discuss and debate about that. If there are any things that you don't understand or can be improved or whatsoever, feel free to let me know!

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