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[WISH] Male horse character

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by IDontKnow0, Nov 2, 2017.


Would you like a male horse character?

  1. Yes please! I love horses

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  2. Eww no, horses are gross

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  1. IDontKnow0

    IDontKnow0 New Member

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    yes, you read the title right.
    I would love it if there was a male horse character added to the game

    Some ideas:
    -make him act really tough but secretly has a cutesy interior once you get to know him (kinda like zenith)
    -possibly a 2-tone horse between a light brown and white to make him stand out more in the crowd
    -they could be very muscular and also wear a tank top with shorts to possibly intimidate people with his strength (or possibly just to show off his guns)
    -possible storyline with family meeting your character and trying to ruin your relationship between you and the horse (maybe a brother or sister being homophobic saying stuff such as ‘what your doing is wrong’ or ‘mother didn’t raise you like this’ etc)
    - possible name of tray or tony (idk, anything will do)

    Please reply honestly as to what you think of my idea. I don’t mean just the game developers, I mean the community, aka you. If the community like the idea then there Might be a slim change that my wish may come true.

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