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(Wish) Hidden ingame items that unlock Extra scenes.

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Gel Fox, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Say you date 2 people and then unlock both their scenes.. Hehe.. Well how about a mode where you first have to click on in game items that appear on both date paths but are hidden.. this will then unlock a scene where you wan watch those two characters together! Think about the possibilities! Pick who is on top, bottom, or even maybe include a 3 some scene.

    I can just imagine a certain Bouncer on bottom while a certain barkeep... hehe.

    This also includes a much desired "hidden prize" factor, as you will undoubtedly replay the game to find and unlock all the possible match ups! It wouldn't be too hard to include items into the background made to look like they are meant to be there, that don't highlight when your mouse moves over them, but when clicked on gives you an unlock able scene you can watch and orchestrate later!

    So, who likes this idea?

    A. Hidden background items that do not highlight, but when clicked on disappear and unlock a character for extra sex scenes with other in-game characters.
    B. Scenes where you can select who is on top, on bottom, or maybe a 3 way.. select from characters who's story lines you've unlocked or had found items for. This should add replay value.

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