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Wish: Demarcation of the Day

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Adam Creed, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Adam Creed

    Adam Creed New Member

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    I think this game could benefit from a sign that an event is over and that the day has changed.
    I have been playing for a couple of hours and the narrative suggests that I have been playing for several in-game days but it feels like one long day where I had breakfast a bunch of times.

    This is not the sort of game where there would be a day counter; and I think that would detract from it really. However maybe after an event has ended, There would be a simple animation of the sun setting and rising. Real quick, for like two seconds. Then we would re-appear in our bedroom. No text, or anything to read. Something simple and easy to digest without distracting.
  2. rodo

    rodo New Member

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    i like this idea quite a bit actually, i felt the same way generally about the pacing of the game
  3. Patryk_Curra

    Patryk_Curra New Member

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    Missing dates could be a real issue like seth's for instance. I think that having to manage the clock would be a great idea

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