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Wings and bat fursona option

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Lyric Rhapsody, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Lyric Rhapsody

    Lyric Rhapsody Member

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    My fursona is not really supported in the character creation menu. I made as close to a bat as possible, but still look REALLY bat ears or wings or anything really for that matter. Me being a fruit bat makes it kind of hard ^^;;;

    Verge and Gen and the rest of the wonderful Amorous team...I'd like to request a character creation option for wings and possibly support for bat fursonas? I understand you guys are working really hard and all, but I just thought maybe this might be a good suggestion for later, if you guys could at least take it under consideration?
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  2. ZephyrR

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    I agree with you. I, myself, have found that, while there is a "fin" option in the head for sharks, the tail is the only thing that doesn't match up. It seems I could not find a fish tail. But this is a minor thing compared to your case.

    So, I would like to request to our beloved and very hard-working Amorous Team, Vergeance and Genesis that please consider Mr. Rhapsody's request about bat fursonas. And, by the way, also ask for a fish tail for my shark.
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