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Closed Windows 7 Laptop: Loading screen frozen

Discussion in 'Closed' started by Redthefox14, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Redthefox14

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    In the midst of playing the final date with Jax after the dialogue when we take off to the picnic the game either crashed or froze during the loading screen, and went black. Prior to this I had closed the laptop not shutting it off as I had went to do something and the sound stopped working, and when I tried pressing the esc key after the screen went black and I couldn't do anything. Even after pressing escape the only thing that actually worked was Ctrl+Alt+Del. Now the game won't close, it won't let me access the game, even the the icon for the game is still on the task bar, but it won't do anything. I've tried closing the application multiple different ways, I've tryed re-running the boot up sequence hoping that would reset the game, and I've even tried restarting my laptop. All of this and the application is still open all be it inaccessible and still frozen. If anyone has a way or method I could try I would highly appreciate it.
  2. Lennian

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    Issue related to how scene transitions were added in v0.8, is resolved in the Steam version.

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