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Will A Female Side Of The Coin Ever Be Introduced?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VeryCuriousPerson, Nov 3, 2018.


PLayble Females...

  1. Do you think the game is fine as it is?

  2. Do you think the game should have them better introdcued?

  1. VeryCuriousPerson

    VeryCuriousPerson New Member

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    I'm hoping every mod or dev doesn't outright ignore this as a simple yes or no is just as satisfactory at this point to even a post about it, after now a year from the original post of shutting down much talk of this topic, I feel just a little response to this could be addressed. I cant imagine the work that would be needed to put in to incorporate this addition, and neither the amount of will priority playable females hold at this current stage of the games now released support, but even as a long term possibility to be worked on, where do you guys stand on bringing this in possibly into the game? If I am not mistaken the original reasons were, priority compared to other tasks, the construction of new animations or editing of those already made, and other possible complications, however at this stage couldn't it be feasible? I never truly understood why the incorporation of this was so taboo in this games development, but an answer nonetheless, would be greatly appreciated.

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