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What we need in Amorous

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Kyle the Husky, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Kyle the Husky

    Kyle the Husky New Member

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    I just wanted to let you people and Team Amorous know that there's a some things I would like to see in the game:
    1. Replay particular dates
    When I finished all the dates with all the characters, there wasn't anything to do besides make 'booty calls' and after you finish the game it just becomes a porn game to me, I like the game's story with some of the characters and I thought it would be better if you'd guys add a feature to replay a particular date with a particular character without having to restart your progress in the game.
    2. Re-customise your character
    Again with the whole restarting your progress in the game thing I found it pretty unfair that I wanted to remake my character but didn't want to lose my progress.
    3. Some more characters for more story
    When I finished the game, not only it became a porno game but also became boring, I found the game to be nothing BUT a porno game again but I had nothing but to restart my progress again. I'm also requesting a lot more straight characters, it's not that I hate gays or transgenders, it's just there's only two straight characters in the game being Skyie and Remy, a third character being Lex depending on the choices you make with her, the rest are gays and one transgender. I'm hoping for at least two more straight characters please.
    4. More exploration
    Also when going through the game or when it's finished, the only places you can go to are your bedroom, your front door and the Amorous club, I found it pretty boring and I'd wish you'd guys make more areas to explore with interactions too, also I wish if you guys could add an option to go to where you have to dates with the characters in the game but by yourself and interact with things.
    5. More interactions
    I was actually disappointed that the fact that there wasn't a lot of features in the game, I was hoping for interaction with so much more characters or people hanging around the club and having conversations with some of the patrons with and becoming friends instead of a couple or friends with benefits. I like the idea that you can change what you wear if you interact with your wardrobe but I wish you can do that by using the character customisation option, so you can SEE what your character is wearing and when you pull out your phone you can see what your wearing on your wrist/arm depending on what the player chose to put on their character. I also have an idea about your computer, when you interact with it you character says it's been the only thing entertaining them for the past few weeks, when I was speaking to Skyie at the club she says "You can Skype me" how about an option where you can contact characters using your computer? I was also hoping for an option where you can Skype Skyie and have a conversation for a extra date for her or maybe for all the characters.
    6. Sexual scenes
    Now I know there's already sex scenes but I really found it annoying that it showed the sex scenes but not the sexual scenes. For example when your on the roof with Lex or walking down the path with Lex and started having a sexual moment, when your on the roof the dialogue mentions Lex ending up on the player's lap against the wall they were leaning up against while holding the player's jacket tight pulling towards them but only shows Lex standing in front of you on screen, how about making a animated scene like the sex scenes? I know it's not likely you guys would do it but I think it would be a really great update to the game and maybe you'll get a greater community from it, as I was saying when you sexual moment occurs, it doesn't even need to be animated it can be a picture, the view of the scene where Lex is on your lap against the wall, the view of that scene can be a side on view with Lex's hands pulling the player's jacket to pull them close while sitting in their lap with one of the player's hands on Lex's lower back and the other on Lex's 'rump'. I know you guys don't really like showing the player's face during a scene, I'm not sure why but I would like that to be added as well but you don't have to so you can cut off the player's and Lex's face during the scene occurs or you can make a back view so you can see the back of Lex and the arms and legs of the player. I would really like the game a whole lot better if you added some more scenes, please take my advice on that one please! but that whole Lex part was just a example, I wasn't saying "Just add extra scenes with Lex only" no, I would like it if all the characters had extra scenes or like I said before, a 'Sexual moment'
    7. End the game when you finish a story/dates with a character
    Every time I finished all the dates of a character, I would get a animated image of Skyie in her look of what she looked like at the amorous club and the first date you have with her, only her back is facing you with Skyie looking behind herself looking at me with no pants or underwear on showing off he 'rump' while slowly moving her hips side to side holding a thing computer thing she holds on her contact picture, I know that's supposed to be the credits and all but I don't get the credits just that image of Skyie stretched across the screen and it says press escape or click here to continue. I find this really annoying that it's not even a request, it's a bug and issue that needs to be fixed in the game and that also reminds me that most of the time when dialogue is appearing in the speech bubble it bugs out and some of the text disappears and I can't read it, also at times the dialogue laps on top of each other which makes it un-readable. Another one which sometimes and on the same questions half of the choices aren't there or there will be all this coding stuff everywhere covering all the options which makes me have to guess what to choose.
    That's all I have to say, I hope you guys update the game with what I request or some of my requests, I know it seems a bit too much for the game but I'm telling you, it WILL make the game a whole lot better.
  2. Lennian

    Lennian Dark Lord of Team Amorous Team Amorous

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    1 is somewhat on the roadmap, 2 Jasonafex doesn't agree with but I might just do it anyway, the rest is not going to happen anymore. The credits is also a way of telling you you reached the end, you hate it because it signifies the end of a date which brings you down I reckon :p
  3. Kyle the Husky

    Kyle the Husky New Member

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    Alright, but the credits part isn't because the story ends it's because it's really buggy, I don't get the credits, I get a giant animated image of Skyie with a bare butt with a bunch of coding going up (which is probably the credits)
    [​IMG] If you look at that image you'll know what I mean and another thing as well, I get bugs a lot of them and they are all the same[​IMG] and the same goes for the choice making[​IMG] I know it might be too much for you but please fix these issueshttps://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....442/249EED02783EAA2BF8115BFD0CB1709A92733478/ this link is for the choice making bug https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....074/C227E4928589FBA04D1005EF32452E046B8D93BA/ this one is for the main bug I've been mentioning for a while https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd....643/0F545C4B4F1BE4D201A731AA37E4C3FC5A28BFF4/ and this one is that credits bug again please fix

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