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What do you like about Amorous?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mega, Nov 1, 2015.


What do you like about Amorous?

  1. Discovering new stuff

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  2. Sex scenes

    2 vote(s)
  3. Interacting with others

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  4. It's a furry game

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  1. mega

    mega New Member

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    I like discovering new stuff
  2. Weird Kitty

    Weird Kitty Active Member

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    There is a lot to love about this game. First being the fact that we can enjoy something mature that fits our personal preferences and we can still call it a game. Many other developers try to focus on something kinky but completely forget that they are at the core supposed to make a game. Amorous is very fun even in such early stage, the gameplay is solid and it only has space to grow better. The characters are interesting and so are their stories. The fact that they allow us a great amount of customization is also something to commend, generates a game with a higher level of complexity and also enjoyment. The team's dedication is also visible, I've followed a few other game projects within the community and Amorous is for sure the one that worries the most about shipping good quality (sound, visual, writing, etc) without relying on the excuse "Oh it's only at its early stages.". I really wish I had the opportunity to be a Patreon supporter for this project, but being unenployed makes it impossible for me. Its just like Jasonafex wrote on the game's Patreon, "Let's make a game worth playing", there is something to love on every little aspect of this game ;)
  3. Riveroo

    Riveroo Member

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    What I like the most about it, is the dialogue. It gets funny, it gets serious, and it makes the player create some ulterior motives pretty quickly. (Shoutouts to the guy that overused the term "ulterior motives" btw). So I'd probably pick "Interaction". Think about that: It's in early development, but still manages to be one of the best Furry Games today.
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  4. Gurgatory

    Gurgatory New Member Team Amorous Supporter

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    What I really really like, is the characters. Most dating sims I've played (Hatoful Boyfriend and Huniepop ;-; ) have characters that are flat as crepes and I'm really glad to see that both datable characters are very three dimensional and real, especially Jax. The emotional toll Jax took on me was completely unexpected and made me tear up a little ;-;.
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  5. Cyborg-Lucario

    Cyborg-Lucario Active Member

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    I would definately say that the best part of the game is the interaction with the characters, and how well written they are (at least those I have interacted with). I actually think it's the high point of the game to interact and see what kind of choices you can make and hoping you don't get your date mad. Or you could be manipulative. It's your choice how you do it.
    I actually wouldn't mind if there weren't any sex scenes with how good the writing is (not saying that they should remove them, though a censored mode would hopefully not ruin the game (don't throw sticks at me. :p ).

    I also love the character customization, but then again, a good customization mode is one of the things I love the most in a game (if it's present).
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  6. Harambe

    Harambe Active Member Dark Army Enthusiast

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    Yes. This. They really feel like interesting and genuine characters with great storylines that I hope will be increased on in the future.

    Though, I think that the dialogues during Coby's "date" should be rewritten or improved on at one point, as I don't feel like they match the quality of the rest of the game. I'd love it if it could be a little deeper than "Bro, I've always loved you.", "Yeah and now I love you too. In a romantic way.", "We'll bang, OK?" Okay, maybe that's not an 100% accurate representation, but my point remains that it feels lackluster and isn't at all deep compared to Seth and Jax's dates. Though, I'm pretty sure that they had a dedicated support writer for them, so it makes sense. (Please don't hate too much, this was just my opinion on the topic <3)
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