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Weirdest thing(s) that have happened to you

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Xanthous, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Xanthous

    Xanthous New Member

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    Decided to just make this random thread, reply with anything that you feel is bizarre, crazy, other synonym for weird. For example, when I was around the age of 12, I was at a friends house playing a game outside at night. One of us, I forget who, pointed up to a ball of flames coming down from the sky. At the time we thought it was aliens (what child wouldn't). It actually turned out to be some debris off of a old satellite falling from space.
  2. MikeFoxclaw

    MikeFoxclaw Member

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    When I was a kid (don't remember my age at that moment, maybe 9 or 10), me and two of my friends Norman and Jake are planning to raid a friend's house that we hate, Alex. We decided to infiltrate at 6 pm. His house is not locked and his parents are watching tv in the living room, we have successfully managed to get past his parents sneakily. Unfortunatelly we can't find him anywhere in the house, not even in his room. But wait, my eyes catch something on his table.. A jar full of peanut butter oreo, PEANUT BUTTER OREOS! So we ate all the oreos in the jar, leaving only half-bitten oreo and some licked biscuits.
  3. J300MER

    J300MER New Member

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    ^ Diabolical

    I grew up in Alaska.
    We had animals.
    I watched Crocodile Hunter at a young age.
    I poked a grizzly and lived to tell the tale.
  4. Spleriia Emperor Splerii

    Spleriia Emperor Splerii Active Member

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    I was walking in the street on route to the park when all of a sudden, I felt a stinging pain in my lower back. At first, I though I was being pelted by my rivals with stones again but it turns out, I was actually hit by a stray bullet. Good thing the ordeal is quite minor since I was carrying a overloaded knapsack stuffed with books and other equipment at that time. If it wasn't for the bag, I might end up in hospital or in my grave.

    Until now, I don't know where that stray bullet come from. Some of my friends told me where it originated but all of their claims were still unconfirmed. Quite weird but lethal.

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