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V5.0/V5.1 general discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gobalternate, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. gobalternate

    gobalternate New Member

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    so how does everyone like the new features?
    I like how quickly this update came out, great work guys! The new datable character was reeeeeeeaaaal nice.
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  2. MelancholyWolf

    MelancholyWolf New Member

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    I agree completely. I like the fact that Jasonafex told us that we'd be getting an update soon and that was delivered in a timely manner. Zenith was a great date path in my opinion!
  3. Potes

    Potes New Member

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    This is a bit of a pet peeve for me, but I was a little put off how the game decided that my game avatar doesn't like whiskey because it burns his pwecious twinky throat.
    I love hard liquors, including a good whiskey on the rocks. Why can't I decide what drinks my character likes and doesn't like to drink?

    I loved the following scene in the bedroom with him using my throat as a cocksock and all, but honestly Dusty is by far my favorite dom. Tazo's characters just have much more emotional weight to them and their struggles are much more relateable than Zenith's sob story over his partner (which I wouldn't mind btw if Zenith's grief wouldn't feel so token).

    Zenith was good for a fap for sure, but I just hope we get another date with as deep and thoughtful of a story as Seth, Jax and Dustin. Emotionally the dragon just wouldn't connect for me personally.

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