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[v0.2] Fursona Maker deletes/overwrites old templates when new one is saved

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Teddy, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Teddy

    Teddy New Member

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    I felt I wanted to fiddle around a bit with the Fursona Maker, and possibly create a new fursona, so I started up a new save and clicked my way to the Fursona Maker. I already had two templates since previously, and I flipped back and forth between both them and the pre-fabricated ones with no particular aim until I decided I wanted to just make a few modifications to one of my templates, whereafter I gave it a new name and pressed Save Templates, expecting to get a new template in the list. Instead, the old templates disappeared, and the list instead became this new template and the stock "Player with Husky the Blank Slate" template, completely replacing them.

    Is this a bug with discarding or overzealous overwriting of old templates, or am I just not expecting the intended behaviour?
  2. Patrigue

    Patrigue Member

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    This also happened to me. However, it only deleted one of my templates and replaced it with the newest template. I prevented this by clicking on the "New Template" button before creating a new character. However, this led me to the problem I posted about in this thread.
  3. Lennian

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    There is no concept of saves in v0.2, all your templates are shared. The one you have selected is the one used by the game when you click "Done".

    Anyway, to answer your questions, its indeed working differently than you expect. You first click "New Template", which adds a slot you can modify, then you modify that and hit "Save" to persist it. You should see a custom template as a save slot, if you overwrite it, you lose the original, "New Template" adds a new save.

    With the new UI, this will be communicated better.

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