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[v0.2] Coby - dance floor interaction issues

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Vandevier, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Vandevier

    Vandevier New Member

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    System: Windows 8.1 Pro, 8GB ram, Nvidia GTX 670 GPU, Intel i5 3570k CPU
    Version: 0.2

    A few issues can possibly occur when talking to Coby in the main part of the club.

    While talking to Coby it is possible to bring out the protagonists' phone while talking. Pressing buttons on the phone counts as a trigger for the next dialog box.
    GIF -

    When talking to Coby moving the mouse away from a position centered around him causes a trigger for the next dialog box.
    When in 'Auto' mode, the text box disappears and any text that had been written stays 'floating' without a box. The conversation continues after a bit, presumably after the game believes enough time has passed for the glitched message to be read.
    GIF -

    When not in 'auto' mode the next message is instead displayed.

    When in a 'menu box' the conversation is instead dropped. the player is no longer able to scroll through the main floor, but is able to select one of the options in their current field of view - Notably either Coby again, the doors out to the front, or Skye. Gameplay returns to normal after selecting one of these options.
    GIF -

    Option 3, "Met anyone yet?" ends with a blank message box after the protagonist mentions seeing at least ten gay guys.
    Something I might just never write again in my lifetime.
    PIC -

    As an aside, Coby glitches in and out of view when looking from a certain point of view. Probably already been caught, but may as well mention it.
    The shirt on one of the furs in the background is tucked or untucked depending on this position as well.
    GIF -
  2. Lennian

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    Very detailed, thank you!

    You made me chuckle :p
  3. Azure

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    Using windows 7, my eyes may have tricked me but I don't think OP mentioned the glitch for mouse users, moving the mouse away from the text box can cause it to disappear, freezing the view mode. The game thinks you're still talking to coby until you click 'nevermind', so you can't move the screen away from him.

    Also I think I should mention a lag issue while I'm at it. If you don't have enough memory available, creating fursona can cause style art assets to stay in place for a bit even after you click away from them, I noticed the slowdown on the dancefloor too, around coby and the DJ's area.

    it was kind of odd actually. it only happened on my 4th time playing through the game, the first and second times I opened and tried to make a fursona and stuff, everything was smooth...

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