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Typos (and other errors)

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Horrorland279, Feb 14, 2016.

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    • Jax: Coffee shop date
    "Then how about a movie? There's a matinee just down the street in a liittle bit. Maybe if I add tickets and popcorn, you'll tell me your favorite color?"

    • Jax: Waking up at his home
    "It wasn't bacon and eggs_ but it was still appreciated. I wolfed down my impromptu breakfast and took a sip of coffee_ looking up when Jax stepped into the kitchen doorway. As happy as I was to see the smile on his face, I couldn't help but wonder why it was."
    *_=missing comma*

    • Jax: Picnic date
    He is dressed in his bar tending outfit instead of his casual clothing.
    • Seth: Coffee shop date
    "Before I could react, he leapt up against me, wrapping his arms around me and pressing it lips to mine. We both began to blush after the moment of exhilleration began to fade. He quickly pulled away and glanced down towards the floor."

    • Seth: Getting his draft read by Nik (Romantic novel)
    "You are far to modest, &Player&. Literally none of this would have been possible without you. Which is why we must go celebrate!"
    *. W=missing comma and lowercase "W" needed*

    • Seth: Returning to your home after Nik reads Seth's work and you both fall asleep on the bed
    "That's my way of sayng thank you. Thank you for humoring me, pushing me_ and most of all_ for being willing to put up with my vanishing. Not many other people would be willing to take someone back after that."
    *_=missing comma*

    • Seth: Visiting his apartment
    "I heard someone scrabbling, a few muttered expletives_ and finally the sounds of metal pants colliding with wooden cupboards. I was about to express my concern when Seth opened the door."
    *_=missing comma*

    • Seth: Directly after sex scene
    Text continues, but then forms into jumbled mess of coding.

    • Seth: Answering the voicemail
    Instead of having the name "Donna"in its appropriate place, it instead displayes the name "Skye".

    (More shall be added once typos are encountered)
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