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New Typographical error - Seth coffee shop date

Discussion in 'Open' started by MadManMarkAu, Mar 27, 2021.

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    I found a typo in the game.

    Cutscene: SethDate
    Stage: 10
    Path: 0:141 > 0.142 > 0.143 > 0:144 > 0:144
    Current: 0:145

    "He smiled up at me for a moment before we both gean clearing the table, standing up and tucking in our chairs."

    The forum won't let me embed images, nor post links. Remove spaces from the below to view screenshot.
    https ://www. dropbox. com/s/qhefpyly7wradgu/20210327185059_ 1. jpg?dl=0

    EDIT: Actually, there are multiple grammatical problems shortly after that piece of text.

    "I scribbled it down for it and he put [it] in his pocket smiling happily as the offer as he checked his notebook was secure one last time."

    EDIT2: I'm actually finding many typos and grammatical problems. This time in another section after the date. I've taken a screenshot. Should I add to this post with anything I find, or should I start a new post for each one?
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