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This is a little thing from a shoutbox Rp thingy goin on i made, bored af... hehe

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Kovy, Aug 6, 2016.

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    "There i am. In the Big RP party in chat. Sitting with my black jacket, I neigh softly and sleep while everyone else is having alot of fun, The corner by the Air conditioner, Cold, loud, and everyone left me alone... tho i was invited, I was unsure if comming after cutting myself an hour earlier i got the Text.... Ugh... My panic attack was so terribly bad... Everyone woofing and making cute noises with most lights off... Oh.... i fell so. Happy. Introverted as fuck, how ever i was happy someone actually wanted me around as i usually arnt invited or have friends who fucking give a shit about me at all.. I came to figure that i was just gonna tear the party down, so when everyone calmed down in the Big bed in the cold room, i took a small pocket knife out and i just. Scratched my muzzle and arms a little, I didn't make any noise... but im hoping no one saw me, or at-least seen how damp my face was with my fur from crying... It wasn't tears of normal sadness. Possibly the enactment of being included in something for the first time in many many years.... We shall never know.."


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