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This is a common request, but...

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by GGray, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. GGray

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    At the start of the game, when the main character is choosing an outfit based on which gender they identify as, you have the option to say that you are not biologically of your chosen gender (or, in the case of choosing female, that you are), but this doesn't reflect the cutscenes. While I am aware of the hassle involved in remaking scenes for the player character to be biologically female, it would add replay value to the game and set it apart from others in its genre!

    Also, I wouldn't mind more characters with mixed physiology (see: Mercy :amflirty:).
  2. Kyle the Husky

    Kyle the Husky New Member

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    I wouldn't mind too:amflirty: but it WOULD be better if there was a WHOLE LOT more straight female characters, :amangry: there's only two straight females Skyie and Remy. We need more!:amangry:
  3. Pluckbird

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    I've only offered my thoughts on this on a different thread, but basically my take on the whole thing is that you'd be better off spending the time and effort that'd go into remaking those sex scenes into creating new characters with other sexual options!

    As for the straight sex female option. I think it's actually fairly balanced You got three datable females, plus Lex as you essentially get to pick they're gender. On top of that, you got four datable males! So all things considered, they're still plenty of traditional straight sex to be had and most characters I feel make it quite clear as to who will do the topping, giving the player ample opportunity to back out if that's something they're uncomfortable with!

    One thing I suppose they could do is remove any trace of male genitalia in those instances where you, playing as a biosex female, is subbing. No reason for that dick to be knocking about if it's not doing anything. Not that I know how easy it is to remove. For instances when your girl's gotta top, I suppose a strap-on option could work!

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