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This became weird as I was writing...

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Let's play a game, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Okay I thought I'd write something.
    Maybe it is just because I have little to do and need something to fill the void I'm feeling.

    Defining what I'm feeling is a little hard... I suppose a little blame could be given to the English language.
    With it being an amalgamation of different languages from old Norse, french, etc.

    Over the years England became and remains an industrial country filled with hard working people and the language started to reflect that I'd say around the 1800's, maybe a little earlier.
    The normal meme changed from our ancestors who were more poetic and community orientated like the Romans.
    It shifted to a "just get on with it" attitude which is still around today!
    This can cause a few problems especially to someone who might not be having a great time right now.

    A language is supposed to be a way of conveying information from your point of view.
    An example of this would be...

    "John did you steal my cupcake!?"
    John analyses the past few moments leading up to the moment he took the cupcake.

    "Yours? sorry Dave. I assumed you already had one because I'd seen you in the kitchen a little while ago and there was only one left."

    As you see, there was two cases of information exchange, the first being that the last cupcake belonged to Dave and the second being John who'd seen Dave in the kitchen earlier.
    Now there were three more things John said "Yours?" (signifying that he had a lack of information), "sorry" (admitting he had a lack of information) and John's assumption giving clarity to the situation.
    Now any of the two characters could have took any number of further actions, but let's do this and think of the two situations.

    "John did you steal my cupcake!?"
    John analyses the past few moments leading up to the moment he took the cupcake.

    John takes an apple from the nearby fruit basket and walks away.

    Now that example would be one prime example of how some English people would be in this situation.
    You may think well at least be apologized, but that's far from what happened.
    We see John use the word sorry but in this context it the same as shrugging your shoulders or grunting.
    To apologize the has to be the admittance to the lack of info followed by a closing (your side of the story).

    I'm going to stop this for now or I'll end up writing an essay in one go but do tell if I missed anything XD

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