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The "Muzzle" of Player Moves Up and Down

Discussion in 'Backup' started by SilverHands, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. SilverHands

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    I noticed this issue when I screwed around with customization.

    When I customize a character in the game, I tend to see movement in the muzzle/nose/snout part of the player.
    I like to focus on the formatting of the face in customization, but when I look at the nose, I see it hovering.
    When you stare at the muzzle for about 15 seconds or so, it moves up or down- the head itself doesn't move while the muzzle slowly moves in a repeated motion. The face looks a little derpy for a while, then goes back to normal.
    This also includes the feature with a lighter/darker-colored underbelly from the rest of the body. When the muzzle floats up, you can see a gradient line appearing from where the muzzle would be.

    I don't know whether or not you are going to make the character have breathing movement in later updates, but I suggest you take a look at it.
    But you probably already did though, but whatever.

    There are other threads saying this in more detail.
  2. Ty686

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    Wait, its an actual bug? I thought I was just staring at the screen for too long and my eyes were playing tricks on me :amsurprised:

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