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The few things I saw

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Firminus, May 31, 2015.

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    I would like to start off by saying that I love this game! <3
    I just wanted to post these here to do what little I can to help with the early release.

    This is 0.3 current release as of this post

    Jax's story -

    When talking to Coby on your return from your date with Jax, when you tell him what happened, even if you choose hug you tell him that you kissed Jax

    After the 3rd date with Jax, on your return home, there is a display error on one of the lines. "Still, what we had was worth waiting for.." the line on the d in had gets cut off.

    Seth's story -

    When you are with Seth, there seems to be a line error when you give the signed book to him it says "...wrapping his arms around me pressing it lips to mine"

    There is a line I wanted to check on, as it seemed off when Seth comes to your house and talks about being cloistered in his apartment he says "In Retrospect, it could have been something strange out of a novel I read." should strange be straight?

    While talking to Seth in your bedroom, if you pick the option about books on publishing, there is an error in the line "You're telling me you've never looked into it?" the you've has a "[" after the apostrophe "you'[ve"

    When you go with Seth to talk to Nik about his book, and you encourage him to speak up the next line says
    "I looked other to seth.."

    After your character sits down the there is a word that runs off the screen "A wave of relief rolled over me" just like with Jax the line on the d in rolled gets cut off

    Once you get to Seth's apartment and he tells you he may have cooked too much there is a spelling error in your characters response "That's arlight."

    Still in Seth's apartment, once he opens the curtains the line says "Set stepped next to me, touching a paw gently to the glass."
    The w on paw is cut off a little

    When talking to Seth about his high school crush your character says "I oepned my mouth to speak"

    When your character and Seth are stating to get intimate, the line "I drew my hands..." The w on drew is cut off a little

    Once undressed and about to make love with Seth, there is a line that reads "My fingered flexed against..." guessing it was fingers

    Skye's story -

    While talking to Skye, the line "How come you aren't with your closer friends then?" the c in come is capitalized

    Coby's story -

    Once you admit your feeling for Coby the line reads "..bro are you comming onto me?" not sure if the spelling error is intentional

    If you need I would be more than happy to provide screenshots of any of these.
    I hope this can be of some help =^_^=
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