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TFAOAAR(The Furry adventures of Alex and Rio)

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by TheBlackFuzzPZ, May 19, 2016.

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    Before I start Rio is a character I made before seeing Rio the Arctic Fox. And I have already made the characters name stick, and names arent copyrighted. Also his name includes the Arctic Fox and the Rio in this story is a blue jay from the Mexican Wilds (I made a universe where certain locations never existed as anything more than wilds while others become civilized) and his backstory is a sad one. Thank you for reading this...
    Also, I will be putting story disclaimers in the end of this, so please bear with the story, this is my first fan fic.

    Rio gets up and thinks a little bit on what he will be doing today. Rio walks to his drawer and grabs his underclothing. Rio changes into a clean pair of underpants and puts on the clean undershirt. Rio then moves over to his closet and picks out his shorts and grabs a t-shirt from the rack and puts the shirt on. Rio opens his bedroom door. “Hmm what should I eat today? Hmm actually I could go to Franklin’s Cafe, if it's still open.”. Rio then heads downstairs to his kitchen and grabs his knee and elbow guards and heads to the door grabbing his bike on the way. “Well, let's go I guess.” Rio starts biking down the road and gets a call, he answers it and keeps biking on. Little does Rio know that a angel was walking without paying attention, they were on a collision course. Rio puts away his phone but as he does this he hits something and goes flying off his bike. Rio uses his tail feathers to correct his fall and lands on his knee pads instead of his face. Rio quickly gets up and realizes he hit someone. “I’m terribly sorry sir!” Rio reaches out a feathery hand to the stranger. The stranger winces a little as he accepts the feathered hand. “It's fine, I wasn’t paying attention.” says the stranger as Rio practically lifts the stranger onto his feet. Rio then asks “Are you okay by the way? I kinda hit you pretty hard.” then the stranger responds with a reassuring smile “Yeah, I’m fine… Thanks.”. Rio kindly asks “Want to go to Franklin’s Cafe and grab some coffee? My treat.” “Really?” the stranger said rubbing the spot on his side where he was hit by the bike. “You don’t have to. It's not a big deal.” Rio then smiles and responds with “It’s fine. I was actually headed to Franklin’s Cafe anyway,” “Seriously?” the stranger asked smiling back “Alright then, see you there.” Rio then starts biking down the road towards a small cafe. Alex starts jogging there arriving at the cafe a few minutes later than Rio did. The stranger heads inside and sees Rio sitting at a table waving for him to sit down. The stranger sits down in his seat getting comfy and tells the waiter what he wants for a drink. “So… I never caught your name. My name is Rio by the way.” “My names Alex, it's a pleasure. I’ve never been to this cafe, I just moved in two days ago.” “Really? I just moved in a few days ago as well. Orders from work.” “I'm not trying to be nosy Rio, but where do you work? I’m now curious.” Rio sits back and says “Well, I’m on paid leave right now but I work at the USFA military base to the north.” “Military huh? I thought about joining but I decided not to. The military wouldn't want a smart ass anyway.” “Well Alex, the military is hell on the smart asses but people like me would rather one be on my team, mostly because well, smart asses oddly keep everyone sane, with their comments, you get aggravated but you realize what's going on faster. A odd way to keep sane right?” “Well, I’d say so yeah.” Alex said while rubbing his neck. “But thanks for this, usually when I get ran over people just yell at me or drive off like nothing happened.” Rio looks at Alex in slight surprise “It's no problem, I like to see new faces. You have any plans this weekend?” Alex thinks about this question for a little bit. “Lazing about my apartment, playing video games and visiting explicit sites on the internet.” Rio shrugs and says “Well that seems pretty normal, and without any real plans. I usually skate on the weekends.”

    Rio’s pocket vibrates as his phone rings. “Aw crap. I gotta take this.” Rio goes outside for better reception. Alex looks towards the blue jay as he seems to be frustrated by the call. Then all of a sudden Rio’s eyes widen bigger than the sun on a sunday morning, and Rio looks like he is about to cry. After a while he slides down the glass window and sits on the sidewalk, and lights a cigarette after putting away his phone. Alex gets up after putting a $10 bill on the table because he was going to try to be nice. Alex opens the door to Franklin’s Cafe and sits next to the blue jay and asks “You okay? What happened?” Rio sadly responds with “I just got news that my brother is KIA.”

    The End of PART ONE

    Disclaimer #1 Yes I know the military doesn't tell of deaths to family via the phone, it was supposed to be a family member that called Rio to let him know of the news.
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    noice, looking forward to the next part

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