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Temporary solution to avoid game over screens.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ganerumo, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Ganerumo

    Ganerumo New Member

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    If you just want to see the smut and don't want to bother with pesky game over screens every time you get a sex scene, here's how to avoid them.

    Although optional, you should play on Hard. That makes it way easier to get to the smut (three fully charged specials will get you down to no health in a matter of seconds) and health packs will regenerate a lot more health in this mode.

    Every time you are pinned down, hold the two directional keys (A and D, preferably), this should balance the cursor to the center of the struggle bar automatically. If the cursor doesn't move, give it a jolt by pressing either of the direction keys then hold both of them.

    As long as you hold it that way, you'll be able to escape the sex scenes at any point. This includes after the enemy's finished, so if you learn the right timing you can stop the sex scene at the last moment and still get to enjoy the full thing, climax and all. This can easily be done with one hand as it's quite easy to press Z or J while holding A+D.

    You can't do this forever as you'll lose a life regardless after getting KO'd three times in a row, but this does allow you to get three full scenes out of a single character before having to survive to the next screen.

    Hope this helps
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  2. Verskaizi

    Verskaizi New Member

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    I can't seem to keep the cursor straight. The cursor just moves over to the right and goes into a lockout. I've tried holding down the keys but it doesn't do anything for me. Any other help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Joshua

    Joshua Member Dark Army Enthusiast

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    I'm having the same problem. Been trying everything I could think of, but I always end up being locked out without the cursor moving at all.
  4. Mewvg

    Mewvg New Member

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    It seems impossible to control the sex part of the game, go figure.
  5. RoyArtorius

    RoyArtorius Master Knight of the Dark Lord Team Amorous Moderator

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    Turns out the minigame was bugged, there was always some force pushing up when left or right pressed, but it didn't matter which direction you pressed because the horizontal force was multiplied by zero. This has been fixed and will be in the next patch.

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