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Tell us about your 'Sona (s)!

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by StarfallRaptor, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. StarfallRaptor

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    As the title says, I'd LOVE to hear about you guys 'sonas. What they're like, what inspired you, etc!
  2. Alex the Angel

    Alex the Angel New Member

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    I mainly based this one off myself.

    Overview: At first glance, Alex looks like a regular human dressed in his usual attire of a black hoodie defined with thin blue and yellow stripes, and either blue or black jeans. With his usual tall look and quiet demeanor, he may seem a bit intimidating from a distance and not the type to enjoy the company of others much. However once those who are interested enough get to know him, they will find that he is anything but. Instead they will find a polite and rather well-mannered young man, who at times can be rather comedic and a bit energetic and unafraid to speak his mind. Mainly, he doesn't like to approach others right away, due to having different forms of social anxiety. The need to make a good first impression, yet he is plagued by a constant worry that said first impression won't be as good as he wants it to be. One will also find that he is not easily annoyed or offended, unless personal attacks are sent his way. Whenever he is pushed beyond that threshold of politeness, it would be nearly impossible to tell right away given how he seems to retain his calm demeanor. Overall, he has rather thick skin and it will take a LOT to push him over the edge (Seriously, I have yet to even decide how he is if he's pushed beyond that limit.).

    Likes: He greatly enjoys making himself comfortable in secluded spots and playing melodies on his Maestro Gibson, having a few drinks with friends, and travelling to new places. Oh, and he absolutely loves dragons.

    Dislikes: Remember I said that it takes a lot to push him over the edge? Well, I can't name many things that would get him to that point. However, if you want to get under his skin, then feel free to try any of these. When people make broad assumptions about him within knowing him for only a short amount of time, when people insult his style of guitar playing (He's always up for pointers on how to improve. I'm talking about flat out insults like "Learn how to play", "you can't play for shit" etc.), getting him wet in cold weather unless he is willing. One thing that may push him over the edge is hurting someone he cares about. Also, don't fuck with his guitar without his permission.
  3. Ic3W0lf226

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    My main character
    Name: Frost

    Race: Wolf

    Main fur color: Black

    Secondary fur color: Ice blue, White

    Appearance: White underbelly, piercing blue irises and white eyes, and blue hair.
    Other info: former U.S Army soldier [I mean no disrespect to any real veterans, so I will not go into extreme detail with that, also I have never served in the army, but my step-dad has; I added that in honor of him.], 21 years old.

    Personality: friendly, cares about others, will defend his friends and family at all costs.
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