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Suggestions: Many ideas and stuff

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Yamayuki, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, I'm just new here, and have played the game those days, I liked it, I've just made some notes about crazy ideas I've got in my mind yesterday, and wanted to gladly share with everyone, so let's go for it ;)

    Game start:
    - Before start play, Coby would appear in a dark screen, himelf or only talking with the dark screen, asking "who's there?" then player type the name, then his/her gender and sex preferences, then Coby would turn the lights on and talk "Ohh, it's you then bro" or "Ohh, it's you then sis" or anything like this just to change dialogs, encounters, sex scenes and other things based on what player's have choosed on those options.

    • Add option free play mode:
    - Date with one or more furry.
    - Change specie and clothes of yourself anytime.
    - Don't exactly need to have an end.
    - Player can change sex, specie, etc anytime.

    • Add option story mode:
    - Many date-able furries, they will appear and be based on sex preferences of player choosed previously.
    - Can date with only one furry.
    - Stabilish a relationship with this choosen furry or can break up anytime, then could date with others.
    - Since in a relationship with someone, will be able only to have normal dialog with other furries.
    - Add short animations when is in a date, like some kisses or anything semellant, in same place, but change camera angle during the scenes.
    - Add options to watch movies, play games and others with your partner, with text and some pics/animation.
    - In middle game can't change some things in story, such sex, some body parts.
    - Add female player storyline.

    Possible Online mode in future:
    - Work only player-to-player and only one-to-one.
    - Tables and chat rooms would be displayed in some special places.
    - Friendlist available.
    - How it would work:
    * Players would choose their specie, gender, years old (optional) , country (optional), and his own avatar made in other modes or just loading one already done.

    * Or Instread tables and chairs, everyone could be in a chat room, already defined if straight, gay, lesbian, herm chat room, everyone could talk to everyone, and when someone is interested to talk only to someone, he could invite that player to a private chat, when at private chat, both would be sitting together and could see each other in their chars.

    * The player would be in a beach hotel for example, outside of inside the hotel, sitting in a char next to the table, waiting someone, this player would be connected only waiting someone else.

    * The player that's still not waiting, can see who is those chairs, on mouse hover, could see infos like his gender, sex preference and the other basic infos.

    * If already two players sitting near table, the others could not see/enter their chat.

    * After sit together, players could interact with the other one, seeing the other's expression and body based on the model that they have created to use before log, could have some emoticons, comands to change player's expressions during conversation.

    * Players would chat when together, if they feel that can happen something with them, they could invite each other to yiff, a buttom would be displayed for both, if one click, a confirm message would pop up on the other side, like the conversation options in story.

    * After accept, both would be in a hotel room, preparing to yiff with their custom chars, animations would vary based on sex preferences and gender of both, the dom of them 2, would be who control the moves and stuff, they could chat during the yiff to make it more enjoyable too.

    * Would have a buttom in the screen to stop yiff anytime, once they've finished, they would be in their clothes again, inside the room and talking their last words, then both would be in the main place again.

    Add more date-able chars:
    - They could change in the story based on player's options such "gay, lesbian, straight" and on his own gender.
    - For example I'm a lesbian dragon, I'll only be able to date/sex with female/herm/bottom gay chars.
    - Some chars would not appear in the story depending on players options, just to have a limited quantity of chars and don't overload the game.
    - Add random date-able chars based on the day and time in-game, could be a char that appear randomly somewhere depending on time and date-able or a random model of char on some places, those would try only have sex.

    • Sex scenes:
    - Every date-able, sex-able char could have 5~6 animations of sex, being 2~3 for straight sex and 2~3 for homo sex on same char.
    - Some chars would be exclusive of straight, gay or lesbian players.
    - Coby is our brother since start, if male player, could still the same sex scene, just add more 1~2 scenes, if female player, he would treat player like girl, and in sex scene she would use things like toys, strap-ons and other things on him (he already has many dildos in the drawer near of his bed too :D).
    - Add lesbian dom and sub sex animations.
    - Add straight animations, being male or female (fuck or be fucked).
    - Add gay bottom animations (be fucked by your partner).

    • Player's custom char:
    - Add more pre-models and other body parts for more custom options.
    - Players could have their own editor outside the game, with no limits, or "make your own char" based on their skills and with some limitations for his char be compatible with the game, when playing the game can load this model and use.
    - Available custom packs, the game might have a limited number of slots for custom or if too many models can make game slower and heavier. How it would work:

    * Players would download their pack, such avian pack, scalie, etc. Once inside the game, they could custom their char with the presets that already in-game or load their own char from the mini-editor or load their pack.

    * For example I'm a scalie and guess the standard pack won't fit me well, I'll just load scalie pack, so I'll have only scalie models to use, can fit myself better.

    * Packs could be changed anytime when player go change his model in free mode or editor, by onli loading their packs.

    * Only can load one pack per time, to avoid errors and lag.

    - After being in a relationship with someone, player won't be able to have sex with other furries, or can depending which char he is dating or breaking up (who player broke up, would not be dateable anymore, like its not in the game anymore).
    - Since in a relationship, depending on time and etc, could invite the partner to somewhere, he/she would accept or refuse at randomly, with rando dialog.
    - Once accepted, could invite to some places, those places could change depending on the day.
    - Available watch a movie, play games (mini-games inside game or only watching), kiss, cuddle and some other options besides yiff.
    - For every option above with parnter, would have random dialogs based on what's going on at the moment, and a random animation or pic with the dialog.
    - Add Epilogue scenes for every date-able char, once have finished the game with that char could continue the game with same, but with the above options, playing with him/her, at this point, could not break up anymore.

    Map and time:
    - Add more areas to explore.
    - Add more chars in some areas like amorous club, on the pool and other places.
    - Add more maps besides the main, like if the player travelled to somewhere, this would depend how far was and/or special times.
    - Add a small clock displayed on the upper right side of the screen, showing hours, minutes and seconds.
    - The time would affect the brightness of the game and other things, making places look day or night.
    - Add random weather on some areas and affecting events that could happen there based on the weather.
    - Add special events based on time and date.

    - Add few easter eggs.
    - Random events such easter, christmas, thanksgiving and others (based on game-time instread real time).
    - Add secrets and hidden scenes, hidden sex scenes, secret date-able chars.

    • Whishlist:
    - Add Skye as a cute and shy date-able female char.
    - Skye is available for lesbian date.

    I Just liked her too much :oops::amangry:

    Well, to finish this all, I know it's not easy only to say "do this" or "do that", develop a game is not easy and demand hard work and time, also I don't know about all limitations and stuff, those were only my ideas for the game in a near to away future, since it's of everyone interest, I just see the game and devs has much potential, so I believe dreams can be true for everyone, gladly would like to thank everyone here and everyone who is working into it, it's a great work.

    Everyone could feel free to tell me what think about those ideas, feel free to add/change anything, any questions just ask me.

    Sorry for my bad english anyways, still need to get better :p

    Thanks for attention of everyone.
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  2. Robyn

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    For now, the only thing that I gotta say that's an insta "no-no" is online mood. Someone suggested that before and it just sounds like an awful lot of work for something completely unnecessary.
  3. Bourlingueur

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    I'm going to +Like your post for the sheer amount of work that went into it. :D

    I liked most of what you proposed under Dates/Relationships, but I'm sure a good chunk of the players will want to get frisky with all the dateable characters. Instead of preventing the player from having sex with every character, how about preventing him/her from progressing beyond a certain point of a story if he/she is already too invested in another?

    That way, you could only finish the story of your chosen character, but still be able to call every other character for a bit of casual fun. Amateurs of the pronz will still be satisfied and completionists will replay the game to see all the endings. It's a win-win. :)
  4. Yamayuki

    Yamayuki New Member

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    Yeah, I guess you're right, does not needed to have this online thing, does not make much sense in the game.

    I agree with you, I don't had thought in that before, guess I've missed myself for a time, that would be great, that way everyone could be happy, and thanks for the support :D

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