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Suggestions after a few hours of gameplay [spoilers]

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Etrius, May 5, 2019.

  1. Etrius

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    1. Random encounters. The meeting with that lizard dude in the aquarium is nice, but more of those, like bumping into your other dates while on dates with others would be a huge addition to the game

    2. Compliments on the player character based on appearance choices, you can internally define colors by their hex code, for example, the range of #DDDDDD to #FFFFFF would be considered white, #444444 to #DDDDDD would be gray, and #000000 to #444444 would be black.

    3. better blinking animations and more "hand talking", as well as less idle movement. The default "fade" blink animation is just lazy, hand talking is important (especially to players with mild autism such as Asperger's who don't get social cues as much), and the amount of idle character movement in conversation is a bit much. I am a game developer myself so I know how difficult some of these things can be to tweak.

    4. More text message conversation choices. This should be a no brainer. The text messaging feels like a cutscene rather than gameplay.

    5. Some kind of 3rd person so you can observe your character on dates, like at the dinner with the purple trans goat girl.

    6. More transgender date options. Futa, cuntboys, shemales, are all very popular in the furry fandom

    7. More explicitly feline body types. I was disappointed that there were no whiskers or split lips like cats have, and no explicitly feline ears such as caracals.

    8. Player character backstory generation for future use in date conversations, et cetera. Might affect how dates see you based on your past. Not everyone is a mature individual willing to discard the past.

    9. More females at the beginning. Aside from purple trans goat girl there's only three dateable females at Amorous? Seriously? Not everyone who plays furry games is some disillusioned transqueer weaboo. Some of us are straight and we prefer to keep it that way even in videogames.

    10. Why did you deliberately make Skye a Renamon? Not everyone wants to bang an overly popular digimon.
  2. Etrius

    Etrius New Member

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    Bump. Because the forums went offline for like a year. And it's entirely Jason's fault because he felt overwhelmed with a project he started. Just like the lazy and unfinished animations for Lex. And the literally assload of other unfinished content that's present in the game but not implemented.

    Good job, Jason. At least I finish shit.
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    I think the goal was to have dates run independently from each other.

    So if I got this correct, your asking that NPCs complement you based on color choices? The closes thing we have to that is Lex's and the bouncers reaction to what you wear there.

    There's only a one eyelid image they can animate with and it goes in front not in back so the best they can do is work with what they have.
    Also each character has only a few poses being stretched around by the spine runtime so hand gestures aren't going to be much of a thing.
    Nothing in this game is animated in frames.

    But it's just like phone calls. I could see it if it showed the phone screen.

    Seem like it would take a lot more assets. They would likely have to scrap the customization in order to accommodate such changes.

    The roster is already finnished sadly, so were stuck with Lex and Mercy.

    You might find what you're looking for in Fursona Maker (haven't plated it so idk). Designs don't really effect story. So they're not rly not rly necessary.

    You're already given a backstory.

    The target demographic for this game is pansexual sooo...

    Wasn't it a cosplay?
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