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Suggestion : Remove jumping for the time being.

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Ganerumo, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Ganerumo

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    Considering the game is such an early Alpha, incorporating jumping mechanics is kind of a bad idea. Jumping is a mechanic that tends to break games absurdly when the entire level is not built around the feature with all possible leaks and exploits plugged and fixed. Considering this game is developed by one man and considering QA testing is done by a relatively amateur-ish group (read, done by the playerbase itself), I think it's a better idea to remove jumping entirely for the time being and focus on building game features and adding rough content. Being able to hop around the area should come later once that the game is polished enough to allow for that additional degree of movement.
  2. KiWolfGirl

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    I haven't experienced problems with jumping itself, but rather not being recognized that I'm on the ground. The problem with just saying "remove jumping" is that unity is a 3d program with its own physics. It can be more trouble to try and fool the physics system than it is to just continue working on making it feel right. Even if they turn jumping off, there are a lot of situations where the characters must still abide by the physics system, walking off ledges, getting knocked into the air, etc. Also they'd have to change the boss area and the subway to stop you from going into an area that requires jumping to get out of. Stopping the players ability to jump isn't going to solve the floaty bugs, thats a common problem with developing games in unity that just has to be massaged for a long time until its right.
  3. RoyArtorius

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    I'm not sure about any issues involving jumping other than the check for the ground. Currently, the check IsGrounded uses a single ray cast (a thin straight line) to detect the ground which it should probably use more at least 2.
    EDIT: There is an issue with being able to float by pressing against specific walls. That can be fixed it the walls are listed.

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