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Suggestion for a workshop

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Cemerry, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Hey! I have played the game now all day and loved it immensely! When I finished every story tho it kinda made me sad that it would definitely take a while till a new update with more story features would come out since I saw all the fixes you (Amorous Team) are doing. So I figured- why not let the community add some? Just like in some other games you can add a workshop and give your community tools to add new character stories for example for the other club members who have no function yet or to add another amorous club with new people and new stories. Of course not everyone can draw as good as the visual designers who helped making the game so it would of course help if you could create a character the same way you do by changing your own one and then be able to use that character to edit eyebrows, arms, hands, fingers and everything so we could basically just add every expression and animations ourselves. Of course I just had that as a random idea so what you just read was only a rough description of what I just thought of. So there might be things which are or which are not possible and I respect that. I just hope that we can get some new stuff for stories or people soon.
    See ya!

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