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Story Background.....

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by drameron, Jul 16, 2015.


Do you believe the story background is require for BBS?

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  1. drameron

    drameron New Member

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    After seververal times playing the BBS, I discover that the game lack of story, the enemy just came and things with out any reason.
    So I suggest to create one before tutorial(if it is or will be developing) and stage 1, which could explain why the Gator boss appear in the sewer( or if it is?) and gave a setting for the stages after.....

    Also, during the boss stage, the enemy like Gator boss could have a "Rawr" text and pause the game to give players a preparation to fight(even there already is esc to do it)
  2. Dare

    Dare New Member

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    What if the story goes like this: There is a company that puts out a new food or drink, then it turns out the stuff makes people go crazy horny, then the main characters show up to try to stop it from spreading out side the city. While working their way to the center of the city, to the big companies HQ. It could also be that the stuff in the food makes people change, thus explaining the mutant gator at the end of the current level.

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  3. Giul Xainx

    Giul Xainx New Member

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    I think the story should just be like this.... It is not said. or narrated.

    It starts off with the character just going out for a stroll. But it seems like no matter where Jasonafex goes everyone wants his tail. So he just happens to stop a bunch of bosses from doing something Sociopathic! He didn't mean to beat everyone up and stop all of the fucking going around. He just happened to be there and get stuck. Which would mean the game should encourage the player to just keep moving forward no matter what. No damsels in distress. No saving the world from a nuclear strike sort of deal as the main focus.

    THINK of it this way.......

    You just happen to be walking around a town that seems to have way too much going on. Ever watch grand theft auto streams? Someone is robbing a gas station, a heist is in progress, a building is on fire. You just happen to be there. In the mix. That should be the story. You aren't a hero, and you are not a villain. You are just there. And everything that happens in this game should be "coincidental" Like.... Coincidentally a bunch of raccoons are robbing the jewelery stores inside of the mall. The security guards inside are tied up. You just happen to be there and decide to help out. At the same time inside of the mall you have some gang members in there looking for some tail. You walk out to the park and find out that a scheme is going on with some mad scientist to create a wicked venus trap flower! And you just happen to try and stop him from letting it happen.

    Coincidence should be the main concept behind the story to this game. Coincidentally you stopped a kidnapping. Coincidentally someone needed help getting something back from some thugs in the alley. Coincidentally you were mistaken to be one of the accomplices behind robbing the mall. (So that the officer furs can be added into the sex scene. :) )

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