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some error and mostly question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kiba Snowpaw, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Before i begin i like to say my English is not that good, but i will try my best to make it as understandably as i can, but when that said.

    I really like the Dating sim, but i do have some problems with it mostly just question, but also something i feel like an error, but may just be that's the game is not done yet.

    First thing first.
    It says that you now can date JEX or am i reading that wrong because i have tried everything i could think of but its not happening i don't know maybe there is something i missed.
    "Eddit Found out how to get Jex No."

    what about Skye can you date her more then just the club it seems to me her phone no. keep been turn off.

    i was starting to only date skye and when i got home from the club you kind of stuck i mean her phone is off and you don't get any guides to what to do its took me a long time to find out i could go back to the club by the phone and when you do that then Coby is not there to talk to also i have noticed all the other rooms in the club is empty i guess its something that get add later but i was just wondering about that.

    And if you are at the club and call someone then when you get teleported to that place the person you want to talk to then the Club music is still in the background when talking to that person i like the music but it can also get to much which remind me do there come a way you can turn down the sound without have to do it in windows.

    i don't know if this is a error or just a missed understanding about what competitive mean when Coby and you are playing on the console in the start of the game but from what i know and understand then competitive also called Co-Op means 2 people or more playing though the main story and when it just chapter the flag or other kind of team against team or player against player then its multiplayer its just that it seams you use the terms competitive in the game as a player VS player maybe i read it wrong but that the idea i got.

    i also found what i think is a grammar error im not sure but i cant remember where it was but if i find it again i will let you know it feel like that there was missing a word but anyhow.

    "I also see text color error where I can see the color code over the text i have seen it 2 times at Jex story line and i think it was 2 times at Seths story line.

    Also the hand movement when holding the phone is nice just bad the menu don't follow but i hope that get fix.

    and i seen some thing i would called error in the main store line i like that you can choose between different options in the story line but what get's me is when you choose to let's say hug him instead of kiss him and then you later read you say you kiss him even when there was no kissing make me feel like the choose option is a wast of time i mean if i choose to hug someone then i don't want to get home telling coby that i kiss him or reading me thinking about that the kiss was good when there was no kissing to begin with"

    And at last i just want to let you know how glad i am for this game an as soon i have money i will donate because of how good this game is i missed a good furry dating game the only other good one i know of is Common Grounds that i have made a gameplay of here and i also made one of your game but i may gonna star over and just date Seths since it to short to date Coby and i cant find out how to date Jex.
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