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So ...... I'm In Love

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IminLoveWithSkye, Jun 19, 2018.


Am i insane?

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  2. nah fam

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  1. IminLoveWithSkye

    IminLoveWithSkye New Member

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    When I started playing Amorous i did it as a joke but then something unexpected happened, I fell in love with a character named Skye. When I first saw her i fell in love with her looks and body immediately. The more dates I went on with her the more I fell in love with her irl and i asked myself what was wrong with me, she was a fictional with no "real" emotions yet she had stolen my heart so quickly and I just want to have somebody like her in my life. She is so kind and just amazing

    I want to add more DLC to the game with more dates with Skye because i respect her so much and she made me so happy in such a short amount of time.

    Thank you Team Amorous, (add more dates plz) ;-;
  2. Rencoks

    Rencoks New Member

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    Lucky you! They just released a DLC called: RLD, it adds some RNG to the some dates and add a few ones to the already existing, so yeah you should go and buy "Real Life Dating"

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