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So I just got finished playing v3...

Discussion in 'Backup' started by Jaylan Harvey, Jun 29, 2015.

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    So I just got finished playing through v3 and There where a couple of note worthy bugs that I noticed right away. I can first say that there was an overlapping problem with the character creator. this only happens when you decide to have horns and hair. This might not have happened with others, and I know it said it was patched, but it had happened to me. Not that it affected me as much, since I just wanted horns anyway.

    The second little problem I had encountered was with two lines of dialog, both with seth. The first was at the library, he refers to the character you created as "&player&" and not by your actual name. the next piece of dialog right after that displays your characters name. The second time was in his apartment I believe. In the middle of the text revealing itself, some line of odd text popped up over it, covering the dialog. Something along the lines of "color"<>___<>[___] "color". I couldn't see the entire code due to text overlapping, but that is the gist of what I saw.

    The third is something small, but it caught me off guard. When the characters tend to disappear, their eyes are left lingering behind. just the whites of their eyes mind you. its nothing game breaking or anything like that, but when they leave, seeing their eyes just floating their tends to break the immersion for me just a little, But like I said, nothing major.

    The last thing I would like to bring up, And I will point out that this may have just been my PC, But I had two very noticeable frame rate drops during the time I was playing. The first was just before Seths sex scene, as you arrive at his apartment for the lovely little date. and the second was when you enter the sex scene for Coby. just as the scene pops in, I had a very noticeable frame drop for a few seconds. they weren't game breaking or anything like that, but they were just enough to catch my attention. I didn't expect this type of game to have frame rate issues, mostly because this has never happened with the other games I play in this genre. but again, maby it could have just been my PC.

    Other than that, my first play through of the game was really enjoyable, and I can already say that Seth is my favorite character so far ^w^
    You guys are doing a great job, And I can't wait to see the finished product!
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