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So, do you have a favorite character?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pluckbird, May 23, 2018.


Who is your favorite??

  1. Coby

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  2. Dustin

  3. Jax

  4. Lex

  5. Zenith

  6. Mercy

  7. Seth

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  8. Remy

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  9. Skye

  1. Pluckbird

    Pluckbird New Member

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    To my surprise, I didn't find any other thread asking this one essential question. (Many apologies if I've missed it!)

    Anyway, how's your favorite and why?

    It's hard for me to even pick one since they're all so much for entirely different reasons but I gotta say that Jax is pretty far up there. A clumsy, adorable lizard-boy who on top of everything else turns purple when embarrassed and clings to you during horror movies.

    What I like about Jax though is that there's nothing specifically stereotypical about him. You can't really peg him as this or that. He's a bit on the submissive side, but not shy or flirty. He's confident but not cocky. He's professional and even a bit standoffish. He doesn't like shallow flirting but he loves attention. And he's got a pretty weighty backstory that you can help him process.

    A second place we probably have Coby just for being so damn cute. He's probably the character that made me laugh out loud the most. His carefree attitude makes him seem like a great guy to be around and the way he owns his own sexuality, being unapologetically slutty and walking around in undies all day is refreshing compared to the other Amorous character who all seem particularly touchy about flirting and sex.

    Lex is amazing. I really felt myself wanting to take care of and support Mercy. Zenith's sensitive nature is so lovable. Seth, although probably the most stereotypical of all characters, is adorkable in all the right ways. They're all great.

    LACURO Member

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    Thats Difficult...i like Skye and Lex equally.
    Skye is sweet, nerdy, little bit naiv, playfully^^
    Lex is simply and cool, she say what she think and it ready for every Fun Action ^^
    I can't realy decide between this two Girls ^^''
  3. RandaPanda

    RandaPanda New Member

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    Dustin and Jax are my favorites in terms of having engaging routes and backstories. Lex is my favorite as a character, they remind me of a close Internet friend of mine. I also like Coby since he's a really fun character, but more as a sibling figure than someone to date.

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