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Share you mods here!!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SomthingNeat, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. SomthingNeat

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    Just a place to share your mods!!!!

    Here is a document I made if you wish to mod the game.

    1. You can't share WIPs
    2. You must share a download link (sry newbies)
    3. You must provide some sort of installation instructions
    4. If your not sharing a mod, plz at least make the comment some kind of constructive critcism/complement about a specific mod
    5. Plz don't ask for modding help. If you need help, ask here or pm me.

    Preferred sharing format in post below:
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  2. SomthingNeat

    SomthingNeat New Member

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    Cunt boy coby:

    This mod edits all the NSFW asset of Coby to make him a cunt boy as well as flattens his underwear bulge (does not modify his story)

    All files go in Path\to\amorous\Content-Release\Assets so if you haven't already, backup "Content-Release"

    First copy "Coby.xnb" and "Coby2.xnb" into "NPC\Coby" (Your gonna be overwriting all of these files)
    Next copy "Coby Club.xnb" to "NPC\CobyDancing"
    "Coby buttshake Teasel.xnb" goes in "Scenes\CobyTease"
    and finally copy "Coby sex Spine.xnb" and "Coby sex Spine2.xnb" go in "SexScenes\Coby"
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  3. TheTitaniumFox

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    This is one huge step SomethingNeat you are really making something is neat! Keep up the good work I have full faith on you!
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