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Save Bug (minor)

Discussion in 'Backup' started by MikeFurry, May 27, 2015.

  1. MikeFurry

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    Hey hey,

    I found a minor bug, and its not a bit thing, more of an annoyance really.

    I am going to have to install the game onto my other windows machine to see if I can repeat this, but as it now, to see if it is just because I am using XP. (the other computer runs 7).

    Here is the issue:
    When I have used up all the save slots, and I got to save over the save slot (in this case slot 0), the date and time does not change, leaving the original save date and time. In my case I first played and saved the game May 23rd at 8:37:17 PM. I saved again today (May 26) onto that same slot, and it still reads as May 23rd 8:37:17 PM.

    It does save the game and my progress, so loading the game from this point restores my game from where I left it off, so all I have to do is remember which slot has the most recent game state.
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  2. Lennian

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    Thanks! Very silly issue - I'm using the wrong date ingame.

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