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Review/Wishlist for Amorous

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by VeryCuriousPerson, Nov 7, 2017.


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  1. VeryCuriousPerson

    VeryCuriousPerson New Member

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    Just going to start this off by saying that I was shocked by the level of depth put on by the characters, definitely a step in the right direction for what I have seen so far, I'm going to keep it brief but I did enjoy the game.

    Scale: 0-5 scoring
    [+++++]= 5/5
    [+++-]= .5 thus 3.5/5

    - Diversity: [+++++]
    *Each was unique and well written, none of them one note's and they all were superb in keeping you curious of their life/personality*
    - Personality Archs: [+++++]
    * Each and every character you affiliated with was majorly changed in some way after your relationship finished with them, each felt like a different person by the end of the road and you could see the growth as you wen't along*
    - Interaction with you: [++++]
    * Each character had an array of tasks you did with them that synced with their personality, and you did meaningful interactions with them and their constituents as you went along; however a little more length could help*
    - Other Npc's: [+++-]
    * They were serviceable and gotten the job done to add flavor to your closer affiliates or as side interactions, some did have an important role and did a fine job at it but the time of interaction lessened the impact , however more Npc's to interact with at more length especially in your main affiliation with characters and side tasks would help fill in the content void*
    -Player Choices: [++++-]
    * Choices truly due affect the affiliate and the relationship, but still the option to remain friends should still be there for all relationships because of narrative purposes*

    - Fursona: [+++-]
    * Only giving this a slightly lower score because I see the potential in this Character creator(CC), it has definitely one of the better CC's but seeing all of the varied and different Npc's around will get a player wondering "why can't I look like that", options are good in its current state but a larger cast of body models for different species and a more defined option system for the all parts of the body would help wonders*
    - Gender: [+++]
    * Work to be had here, because of the already made effort gives this an average score but obviously their is more to be done, a female side of the coin is recommended a priority and then to continue to the lines of interaction and acknowledgement and then finally to the actual graphic scenes*
    - Character Presence: [+-]
    * Hardly any time you actually see your character, and when you do you cannot take full leisure to your handiwork as only parts are shown, more scenes with you doing and interacting with objects and people would help immersiveness wonderfully*
    - Attire: [++]
    * Being able to see your own clothes would aid in this also the fact that attire does not matter in most situations and only is brought up unless requested by a few affiliates*

    - Overall Setting: [++++]
    * A nice classic setting for a game such as this and the traveling around town is what you would expect, fits the mood perfectly*
    - Specific Locations: [+++-]
    * As in terms of characters the game did a nice job of bringing you to a locale that suited the affiliate you were with and the type of tone it had during the interaction; nice and varied for each character and it fitted each of them well. As for Locations in general that you can visit freely, perhaps one or two more main hubs to find or interact with other Npc's and see the world a bit more would help along with perhaps finding one of your affiliates after club hours to insue an interaction with them other than calling them*
    - Environment Interaction: [++]
    * More areas and little items, idles, or Npc's to interact with would help, especially in the players own home!*
    - Side Activities: [+++]
    * Now this is no major issue as too many of side objectives can break the flow of the plot but more variety when it comes to choices on what to do when interacting with your affiliates can mean wonders. As well as a few short interactions in club Amorous like seeing your character drinking, dancing, sitting in the pool, talking could help majorly as well*

    Game Mechanics:
    - Animations: [++++]
    * The animations during most of the game and interactions with affiliates are substantial, however more varied and dynamic graphic scenes are always a wonder; especially where you can see your full character*
    - Movement System: [++++]
    * A fine and suiting movement system for this game, it flows perfectly; however car transitions could be a little more dynamic such as seeing yourself with or without your affiliate while driving somewhere and talking*

    Well thank you if you had read all this and I appreciate any comments or thoughts about what I have said, but as the game stands it is quite good and it shows to be of amazing potential.

    Final Score: 3/5 Only because of what could be improved! A lot of good work already done but still more to go.

    Reviewed Version: v.0.8.1
  2. VeryCuriousPerson

    VeryCuriousPerson New Member

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    Oh and the music is drop dead beautiful.

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