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Discussion in 'Backup' started by Shoutless, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Shoutless

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    In the customization screen , the "player" head bounce up and down , makes the horn like floating in the air.
    When you're having a dialogue with Coby, there's a chance that Coby will appeared in two difference form in one single screen : one with clothes on and one doesn't.
    The sex screen with Jax have a small detail glitch, at his butt and the player dick, there something streches in and out from his ass and the dick (that make sense :v).And one last, final glitch: the choices box (on the phone) will always athwart away from the phone screen ( that's why you should always use fake phones instead of using a real one kids :v)
    Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes, i suck at English :p
  2. Lennian

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    All duplicates, but thanks. Please try to report bugs seperately, not in huge lists - otherwise it becomes unmanageable for us!

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