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Fixed Remy Sexscene: Stripe layer issues [0.7]

Discussion in 'v0.8' started by Crashh, May 9, 2017.

  1. Crashh

    Crashh New Member

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    I'm pretty sure my stripes are glued onto my fursona or i'm a ghost because during the Remy sex scene my stripes can be seen through her leg? I have no clue. Magic, yeah, it's magic.

    Note: I'm posting a LINK to the screen shot because 1, spoilers, and 2, i have no clue how 'yall do that special "spoilers thing and when you click it, it will show" once again, MAGIC.
  2. Asriel Dreamurr

    Asriel Dreamurr Active Member Team Amorous Supporter

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    Yeap ! Same thing happened to me ! Adding stripes make them glitched into Remy's leg !
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