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question about yiff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kbus, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. kbus

    kbus New Member

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    good day, I have a question put to that recently yesterday I downloaded the game by steam and I do not know much of its operation just advanced a bit in history.
    I want to know if you need to do something to activate the content for adult in this game, since I just yesterday download it look a few videos about the game and see that in the character customization as you look at the parts of the furry, while that when you enter the game and create a new game, the characters look like a barbie doll, so I want to know if there is an option that activates it or if when downloading steam that content is blocked.

    I ask for forgiveness if the question is something silly but it is that I come from Latin America and I do not handle English very well at the moment then it makes me a little problem. By the way, are there plans to translate the game into other languages?
  2. cerverusverusmalus

    cerverusverusmalus New Member

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    Hola, doy por sentado de que si eres de latino america, entenderás algo de español (espero no estar equivocado).

    Solo quería comentarte que hay muchos fans del juego que han solicitado que traduzcan el juego a otros idiomas, y no lo han conseguido, al igual que también han solicitado si les podrían ayudar a la hora de traducirlo de forma personal (yo soy uno de los que lo ha solicitado), y tampoco les han respondido...

    De hecho en algunos post del la web ya indican los administradores de que no tienen previsto traducir el juego a otros idiomas.

    Espero que te resulte de ayuda la información, y un saludo.

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