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Presenting myself

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by EthanWolfcat, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. EthanWolfcat

    EthanWolfcat Active Member

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    Hey guys. I registered days ago and I didnt even took the time to present myself :3


    I'm 28 from Québec, Canada and I'm in the fandom for quite some times now. I have been to, I believe 3 Canadian Fur cons and once at FurFright.

    Never at AC.....yet....

    Outside of the fandom, I'm an I.T. Service Desk agent for a living. At home I am a Twitch streamer, a gamer including casual gameplay and speedrunning. From retro gaming to recent games.

    For my speedrunning PBs (Personnal Bests) list, go here: (Click on the time to see the video)

    I code in VB.Net if I feel like making trainers for games (No Online). For music, I listen to whatever I feel to listen.

    Aaaaaaand...... That's about it.

    I guess... Question? Ask away! :3P
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  2. Furor

    Furor Member

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    Hi Ethan :D

    I'm Furor, I'm 19 from Italy, I never went to a furcon but I hope one day to go to Eurofurence in Berlin, the biggest EU convention. I'll start university this year, I have occasional jobs, I'm a gamer too, I occasionally stream on Twitch when I play tournaments. I'm an anonymous furry from Italy, and I'll never made a connection between this account and any other account I have, cause I want to stay anonymous on the internet.

    Hope you'll find yourself comfortable here :D
  3. Bourlingueur

    Bourlingueur Member

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    Haha! I am no longer the only Québécois here! Does that make us friends or bitter rivals? :p

    I'm kidding. Bienvenue sur le forum!
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  4. Anthony :D

    Anthony :D New Member

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    Hi there, names Anthony.

    I'm 18, from Indiana in the old US of A's. I'm currently a freshman at Indiana University, and I'm a student for now with a part time job as a Sprinkler Fitter. I'm new to this place, and I love to play games, mess around in general, and I love making friends. It's awesome that you stream on twitch, If I had the cash to go out and buy a decent Webcam I feel like I'd do it too, but I'm broke as a college student. Oh wait.
  5. Nekumiho

    Nekumiho Member

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    Hi Ethan :D ! My name is Nekumiho--

    and I think I'm the only Filipino here (so sad). I'm also new to this website. I am a novice author and an artist (and also an otaku :p) . I have an adventurous spirit and I'm also loyal to my friends. I can also act as a psychologist (because some of my past teachers studied Psychology and I learned a few things from them) so feel free to ask me anytime but if you dont want me to invade your privacy, it's fine... i wont judge :)

    Also, I played several games (from the classic ones to the ones in the present) but I dont play much now because I need to focus on my studies. We're all happy for your presence here. I hope you enjoy your stay here. ;)

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