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Duplicate Plethora of issues [0.7]

Discussion in 'Closed' started by reggiefall, May 10, 2017.

  1. reggiefall

    reggiefall New Member

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    Update! Finally! Woohoo!
    I waited so much for it.
    Thank you guys!

    Still the game has several problems:

    -Sometimes, colors of your character still missing (replaced with blue) during Mercy sex scene.
    -Glad you added cumshot in Jax sex scene, but it isn't working properly. It is all over the cock, while you are inside - looks like bad x-ray.
    -Talk to Kane at the club entrance and he will disappear.
    -After the coocking sequence you have an option to wait and text her (there where you can probably get her photos). But also there is another outcome - options of Let her be / Tease. If you choose "Tease" - you will have to go to the coocking school again (because the game breaks there and the only option for you is to use your phone and "go back to home" -> you call Remy -> you go cooking again).
    -Not depending on the body types, your body looks pretty the same, just as cock (except for knotted one) - but that's not a real bug. Just a wish to have more differences.
    -The same thing for sex cutscenes and balls. Iа your character has no balls (like, avian template, for example), the only sex scene where there really are no balls is Zenith's. In all other cases, you will have a nice pair of them xD - not really a problem, tho.

    Again, thank you for your work and updates!
    Good luck!
  2. Lennian

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    Going to tag this is as duplicate as the mercy one has been reported way back, and the others in separate topics. If you want to score bug-report credits, please report each bug separately next time, and all other topics mentioning the same will be tagged as duplicate ;)

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