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Please, all i want is more story for skye

Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Ninetales10, Jan 11, 2020.


What do you think skye should get as an extra story?

  1. Go to another con, maybe with a costume this time.

  2. Meet skye's parents! what could possibly go wrong?

  3. Laser tag minigame with skye and her freinds.

  4. So about that sexy cosplay...

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  5. Videogames! no way she could refuse!

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  6. Something else (reply, or dont)

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  1. Ninetales10

    Ninetales10 New Member

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    Skye as a character really appealed to me, from when you first meet her to when you see her in the credits, her personality is always showing, shes shy, but on her third date she has the courage to reveal her bigget secret to you, even if it was eventually interrupted by you-know-what... which was really the part I focused the least on, during the second date, she was so happy, and you got to know more about her without having to bring it up as a difficult topic, i played through her entire story before doing anything else, but then came a problem, after several days of replaying her story over and over... it started getting boring, i had memorized the dance minigame, i knew what to say to make her happy most often, and i spent so long replaying her story that i even memorized what options were there, esentially pulling off a speedrun of the game by clicking, it just didnt give me the joy it used to anymore... i want to be able to do more dates with her because she was the most unique, she was the only one i really made a connection to, but that connection is slowly falling apart, because i know what to expect from her story, even a short conversation with her would be enough to let me connect with her again, all i ask is for something more for skye's story
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