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New Play button broken???

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by Eric Gardner, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Eric Gardner

    Eric Gardner New Member

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    My game is up to date, but every time I click the play button nothing happens not even a loading screen or anything, I try to reload to page but then it says "Could not start game". What do I do to fix this or is this a bug they need to fix?
  2. Code_Doggo

    Code_Doggo Member

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    In the same location you have placed the launcher there should be a folder called "games" inside that folder theres the 3 games folders

    the 3 folders are: bbs , fm , amorous

    inside of any of the 3 folders there will be another folder called "public_windows" , get inside that folder and open the .exe file , if the game still doesn't work try deleteing the game folder and re-downloading it

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