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Picking a furry character that you wanted to marry.

Discussion in 'Unrelated Discussion' started by Spleriia Emperor Splerii, Sep 24, 2016.


Which one of these Amorous characters that you will marry with someday?

  1. Coby

  2. Jax

  3. Seth

  4. Skye

  5. Andy

  6. Micheal

  7. James

  8. Michelle

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  1. Spleriia Emperor Splerii

    Spleriia Emperor Splerii Active Member

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    We all know the game titled "Amorous" recently, right? Certainly, we love it so much despite the current issues that we faced on the game itself.

    What if you wanted a different furry character aside from the characters of the aforementioned team?

    My question will be of who will you pick from these special individuals that you're going to marry with someday? Was it him or her for your taste and desire that you want to be sated in your romantic quests?

    Please let me know, everyone and oh, wait! I forgot to tell...

    May the Splerai gazes on you all with great divinity.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
  2. Weird Kitty

    Weird Kitty Active Member

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    I'mma marry a real human being one day.
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  3. Nadia

    Nadia Member

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    Kitty you are weird..... but your idea is so crazy it just might work. ;)
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  4. YoungSimbaPawSex

    YoungSimbaPawSex New Member

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    I got competition for Seth, XD

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