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Duplicate ok i know the issues that are current but.....

Discussion in 'Closed' started by darkshadow, Nov 30, 2016.

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    call me a perfectionist or whatnot but i have found several issues that i have found no workarounds for. at this moment i have a few issues i noticed out-of-the-gate some minor problems are a complicated ui(i could get used to this i learn quickly) and there is an inability to save fursona templates. some major issues are the ui is unable to handle fast typing(when i was typing in the desired name for my character i was unable to type quickly if i tried the keyststrokes would not register at times) this is all i have at the time if i find anything else i will report it.

    i enjoy this game it is really fun and i thought i would do my part and report these bugs so that they can be fixed, i would also like to mention that i am using the most current version of the 0.4 update, i hope this helps!
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