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New Nude Photos Glitch (Remy)

Discussion in 'v1.0.3 (Readonly)' started by Colin Tremmel, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Colin Tremmel

    Colin Tremmel Member

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    Is it just me or it's a glitch with the Remy Nude Photos because they appear on every contact in the phone after you finish Remy story line. It's a annoying glitch that really needs to be fixed, or is there another use for this glitch.
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    LACURO Member

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    Yeah thats little bit curious. ^^
    All Bonus nude Pics are from Remy in all Contacts. ;D
    But i belive it gives no Bonus pics from the Other Characters...sadly ^^''
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  3. Ryuu_Zenith

    Ryuu_Zenith New Member

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    yeah that sort of Glitch occured in my playthrough too.

    I was about to make a Bug Report, but seemingly others, like you for instance, have already posted about this "issue", well it's more of an inconvenience and got my hopes up, just to see Remy on every character xD
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  4. Anxel

    Anxel New Member

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    Oh, so I am not the only one, hahaha. Well, I can't complain since I let the bunny be the last one to date, and was after I finished her story that the pictures appeared at all phone contacts.
    Maybe the extra is only from Remy(?), after all Zenith has the shooting minigame aswell. I wanted to see Mercy too, that body was a piece of art itself.
  5. Foxy_McFoxface

    Foxy_McFoxface New Member

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    I'm likewise having this same issue, which thankfully Remy was the final date I'd gone on so it's no real loss to me. I do wish that for some characters who have one or two options, though, that the sex scene extra wasn't removed and replaced with their usual extra. It also fooled me into thinking that it was a fun little extra for every character! But sadly not.

    I am disheartened, however, to see that this has been an issue for so long - I guess I'll probably just make a fresh game since I finished it all anyway, and just avoid doing Remy's storyline until I finish everything else.

    EDIT: I also tried deleting Remy's contact from the phone, and the glitch still remains. It appears the only solution is to make a new save.

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