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Nekumiho's Neon (Original Novel)

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    Intro: First of all, I'm trying my best to gather my thoughts together because they're a bit scrambled. I may be editing some of the parts but I'll try my best to be as precise as I can. Also, everyone is free to fill the comments section if you wish to suggest anything in this story (seriously, I'm looking forward to it) All of the characters in this story are the split personalities of myself, so it's kinda nostalgic to think that some of these personalities were part of my old self.

    "Neon" by Nekumiho

    Prologue Part 1: Journey

    If I would choose what fate will keep in store for me, I won't even get to know it for real.

    New school, new life, and new experiences-- that's what I've come here. There are so many things I want to do in college. And of course, I get to join fraternities and remember good memories. But there is this one thing I want to do-- to be part of a band and be known to all.

    Someday I'll be the most popular, I always tell myself. I always had a sense of high self-esteem and it seemed to be a good trait in my life. I get to have the courage to face problems, probably because the problems were easy to solve, and I never seemed to be discouraged by any shocking events in my life. I promise myself not to be weak, I always keep in mind.

    As I set foot to my new journey in life as a college student, many obstacles will be waiting for me in the middle of this journey, but I'll never falter and keep fighting no matter what happens.

    As our car, a Ford, wheeled in the roads of Chicago, my face and attention were both onto my laptop. I was checking my latest Facebook status and I was also checking my friends and chatting with them.

    Good luck in college! We all believe that you can achieve anything, Lance!, a close friend of mine posted on my status. A small smile crept on my face with a whispering chuckle as I read each and every encouragements that my friends, who were left behind in Minnesota. Part of me wants to go back but a part of me wants to go and journey ahead and make more of my best memories.

    My mom, who was driving the car, was looking at me through the back mirror knowingly. I, too, was looking at her, but only for awhile then I usually go back onto reading my status.

    She frowned for a split second as she adjusted the back mirror and gazed at me while she drove the car. Then, she smiled.

    "You know… you should be happy for what you have reached now. And I guess your friends are, too." She said in her usual, sweet and mild voice.

    As I noticed her talk to me, I removed my headset and closed my laptop then, I smiled back.

    "Well I guess that's what everyone feels for me, and I really appreciate the way that you all cared for me."

    Mom chuckled for a while then, she rolled her eyes jokingly as she kept steering all the way to New York. "Don't think that far. We're not that kind of people," she teased. Then, we both laughed.

    Suddenly, her happy face turned into a serious one. Then, she turned to look at me face-to-face. "But we're really proud of what you've become now. And I hope your father is, too," she whispered in a weak tone.

    I still remembered that day when Dad had died. It was a tragic event and it was even more tragic for us when we knew he was a victim of secondhand smoking, which was more dangerous than the first one. His last words were: "Someday, you'll be a successful person like your mom and I. But remember, everyone has their own weaknesses… and I hope you would understand that…". Then, he coughed very hard, and smiled weakly. He then closed his eyes gently. That was the last day he talked to me.

    "I know, I know…" I replied in a sad tone but then, my usual happy face came back. "That's why I'm working hard for all of you… and for dad also. I made him a promise and a promise is a promise," I added.

    She smiled and continued driving. I totally forgot that I still have to check my Twitter but later decided to do it later.

    An hour passed by, we finally arrived at our destination, New York University. The campus itself was grand. A fountain was built on the center quadrangle of the school. As we drove through the driveway, my mom wheeled to the main building of the school, probably the administrator's building.

    My mom dropped me off in front of the building. Then before she close the car door, she grinned as she whispered, "Good luck, Lance. Love you, honey."

    I smiled back then waved goodbye. "Love you, too mom!"

    Then, she drove away. And I was left in front of a big door, a new life waits ahead. But there's something that still remains in my heart but I choose to ignore it for awhile and head for my new journey.

    >> To be continued [prologue part 2 is still in progress :)]

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