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Discussion in 'Feedback and Wishlist' started by Taym, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Taym

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    Hi, I just wanted to give some feedback after playing V0.3 about stuff you could improve, because there are already enough comments about how great the game is :p. (I'll try not to exxlude bugs, cause obviously ~)

    First of, I think Coby's "date" is too short. I understand, that he is pretty much a slut for everyone, nothing wrong with that :p. Also he's ypur brother, so getting to know each other would not make too much sense as a reason for a date, but currently it's like "Oh, you love me? Don't ya wanna fuck you little Brother!?" which seems way too unrealistic, even for a furry game.

    I also think that the other chars should have an option to prolong the dating, so you can take it slow if you want and don't have to get intimate right after the 3rd date with everyone. (it also seems weird when all characters have exactly 3 before having sex with you) A date after the "grand final" would be pretty neat too.

    The sex should be described "better". At the moment the scene shown mostly doesn't match the scene described (e.g. Seth's scene shows doggy style but is described as missionary if I remember correctly) or something is describet but not shown (e.g. Jax's BJ)The intro to the sex should also be streched a bit for some of the male dates. It seems a bit too unrealistic for them to just teke it analy without any problems. For Coby it's ok but Seth seems to be a virgin on that subject and Jax even mentions that his last time anal was years ago. (though I think he gets rimmed at first if I remember correctly)

    I think this was just left out and will be in the next version, but make the others cum aswell. With Seth it looked a bit weird, but with Jax I felt nearly sad for the poor guy not finishing. It also looks a bit strange when the cum just apears as opposed to shoot out. (ZhonkPunch's animations are good for comparison)

    When trying to call someone while you're in the club it is always stated, that their phone is turned off. It would be better if your char said something like "Why would I call him right after we met?, though I think this will come alongside the daytime change you mentioned for the game.

    I just want to put some clothes on my poor guy, always walking around naked :(. Especially when the game keeps mentioning that you change your outfit prior to some dates. (I know, that the system is already pretty much finished, just wanted to mention it again :p)

    It should be possible to "loose", i.e. your date fails when you choose certain options. (ignore this if it is already a thing, maybe I'm just to good to loose at the game to have noticed it ;)) Additionally some of the options don't seem to affect the game, e.g. when you judge coby's outfit it just always says something like "Let's go then!" (not to mention bugs like when you just hug Jax or you choose to get the BJ from him instead of the other way arround)

    Sometimes you accidentally skip some stuff, so a feature to read previous text would be great (it would help with the code-overlapps-text-bug too). It would also be great to be able to switch the textbox on or off, as it sometimes blocks the ciew in some of the great character artwork, sex scenes included. (reading the text again when rewatching a sex scene would be neat too as it is great for the atmosphere)

    At the moment the voices heard in the sex scenes seem to be all the same, which doesn't really fit the characters. Espacelly for Jax the voice seems to be to high, but I guess it's just a placeholder until you find proper voiceactors anyway.

    That are pretty much all the major things I can thunk of right now, hope someone was patient enough to read trough it :D (hopefully I don't sound too demanding).
  2. Robyn

    Robyn Active Member

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    This is a whole lot of nitpicking
  3. Xean

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  4. Lennian

    Lennian Dark Lord of Team Amorous Team Amorous

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    Valid points that Lupin and I will try to address already. Coby was more of a bonus than a date tho. What you see now is Jasonafex' vision of the game, which changes constantly.
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  5. Patryk_Curra

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    Its also still super early in workings. They're just laying ground work to expand on. Im sure there will be more scenes, dates and depth in good time.
  6. K3TA

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    Anyway what already here is super high quality. The devs are really putting there heart & soul into this.

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